Winning ticket will go off December 27, 2015 on the 7pm drawing of the PA Daily Lottery Pick 3.

The winner will receive (2) tickets to 20 different home games, including a parking pass in section 104, Row V

You can purchase a $20 ticket the following ways:
* Leave a private message to this page.
* See any White Oak Rotary member
* Call 412-605-2337
* Email us at 
* See us at our weekly meeting at Twin Oaks on Thursday at 6:45pm

Caiya Brozeski is the sweet, fun-loving 4 year old! She is the daughter of Kasia Brozeski, a Sales Process Manager at the Jim Shorkey Auto Group.

Caiya was born without a left hand. Her mother explained to Caiya’s young cousins, at her birth, that Caiya’s short left limb was like Nemo’s “lucky fin”, from the children’s movie Finding Nemo. Hence, the title! Because Kasia’s insurance does not cover a hand transplant, fundraising is being do to help make the transplant possible.

Caiya dreams of someday tying her own shoes, cutting paper shapes, doing cartwheels, playing baseball with her cousins, and braidingher own hair.

Your purchase of a ticket will help bring her closer to this dream while also giving you the chance at an amazing prize package of Penguins tickets. You can view the video of Kasia letting Caiya know that she just may be getting her “lucky fin"